More than just a product

Having an eye for detail is just as important at RECKLI as seeing the whole picture. Before a concrete surface can receive its unique appearance, planning, testing and a competent partner is necessary. RECKLI is by its customer’s side from the designing of the concept until the final application of the formliner.

Holiday greetings at RECKLI are different than in other companies – apart from “best wishes greeting cards” – people at RECKLI often receive pictures of concrete surfaces that were obviously designed using elastic formliners. The fact that the employees trace their products even in their spare time is nothing extraordinary in face of the RECKLI total commitment attitude. In Herne, people do not perceive themselves simply as a supplier of products but rather as a provider of a fully rounded service.

Behind this opinion stands the philosophy that planning and aftercare are just as important as the manufacturing process itself. The manufacturing of formliners is understood as just one step among many. “We see our customers as partners.” Sven Kosjak explains. Being responsible for the costing and calculation of mould-making, he is usually the first person of contact for architects and planners. “The earlier we become involved in the planning process the better. Some of our techniques are so new and innovative that our customers discover completely new design possibilities and change their design accordingly.”

Korsjak discusses the customer wishes with the in-house experts of the model-making department who can realize the most complex designs. One of the most ambitious projects was a hexagonal parasol embellished with turrets and ornaments for a shopping mall in Saudi Arabia. After RECKLI had received the order, they started modeling, milling, grinding and painting. The individual parts were then dispatched to the site.

Before individual moulds are manufactured, prototype mock-ups are often made. Apart from verifying the optical results, prototyping helps to fine-tune technical details. Especially when the concrete is cast in-situ, the construction firms adapt the concrete formula to make the substance more viscose or self-compacting.

The workers in the manufacturing department start their work as soon as the whole preparation is finished. They clean the moulds from dust and dirt, spray it with the release agent, mix the elastomers and finally pour the formliner. The formliners can take a whole night to dry after which they are taken out of the form and inspected for quality and appearance. Any rough edges and joints are smoothed out by hand.

After the formliners have been smoothed down completely, they are ready for use. They are brought to another area where they are prepared for shipping. Often, workers have to build the crates by hand since many formliners have unique measurements. Wrapped up, the formliners start their journey from Herne to their final destination…anywhere in the world.

“We don’t think our work is done as soon as our formliners leave the factory site”, stresses Dr. Bernd Trompeter, managing director of RECKLI. This is why the company helps planners search for the right pre-cast concrete element. The specially designed website “” counts more than 120 registrations of German firms that supply pre-cast concrete elements. The website allows the registered firms to upload pictures of reference objects.

What is more, RECKLI remains a point of contact for planners and builders. During large projects, project teams visit the customers on site to help with the processing and offer technical support. Karsten Roszak does not hesitate to rush to the construction site for an emergency visit if the work comes to an unscheduled halt. “Most problems can be resolved fast and easily.” he says. One of the most common mistakes is the use of too little release agent. This can lead to fissures of concrete remaining on the formliner when demoulding. In cases like this, Roszak supports the customer with calmness, know-how and diplomatic skills.

Finally, RECKLI also provides solutions regarding the maintenance and protection of concrete surfaces. The staining product NAWTONE allows for the subsequent design of the concrete surfaces in various colors. RECKLI Graffix covers the surface with a transparent layer for protecting it against graffiti. When applying Graffix onto the surface, the structure itself remains unchanged.

Years of experience and an extensive product range make RECKLI a reliable partner for the design of architectural concrete. Every product receives our full attention from the planning stage until its final completion – for a perfect result.