About us

FORMLINER is an online magazine focusing on façade design. We examine architecture and design, surfaces and materials, facades and architectural concrete.



The first issue of FORMLINER focuses on the product lines of the publisher, RECKLI: Case studies showcase international projects with façades that were created using textured formliners, and provide insights into the design process and the architects’ vision. Reports take the reader behind the scenes at RECKLI – from the workshop to technical consulting. FORMLINER 1 won silver in the Architects’ Darling Award 2015.



In its second edition, FORMLINER presents practical case studies, taking a look inside one of the best concert halls in Europe and at the 2 Girls Building in Melbourne, the façade of which is an unusual blend of art and architecture. The main topics include urban planning in Berlin. Various sections present product developments at RECKLI. FORMLINER 2 was the gold winner of the Architects’ Darling Award 2017 at the “Celler Werktag” event and won an ICONIC award from the German Design Council. In 2018, the magazine received a German Brand Award.



Edition 3 of FORMLINER offers a large case study of the Bündner Museum in Chur and interviews the architects of the award-winning project. The magazine traces the transformation of bunkers into residential buildings, the reinvention of Mannheim and the renaissance of the skyscraper building type. FORMLINER 3 is published in RECKLI’s 50th anniversary year and covers the company’s history in special sections of the magazine. The third edition of FORMLINER received an Architects’ Darling Award for the third time in 2019.



With issue 4, FORMLINER is going from a print edition to an online magazine. We are taking this step as an opportunity to dedicate the issue to the topic of upheaval. FORMLINER sheds light on the reforms that are driving architecture, from climate change and digital tools to how we live tomorrow. Two architects debate the role and importance of digital tools for architecture. Photo series offer a visual examination of the issues of façades and surfaces.

The central idea

FORMLINER is inspiringly, innovatively and internationally dedicated to the topics of façade design and architectural concrete. Each issue has a main topic which is handled journalistically, visually and creatively. The magazine discusses national, European and international buildings and creates a platform for architects to exchange ideas through special interview formats.

The Initiators

FORMLINER is published by RECKLI, a specialist in individual façade design for over 50 years. With the RECKLI reusable elastic textured formliners, architects and planners worldwide create exposed concrete façades that are unique. As an innovative market leader with the highest standards of design and quality, RECKLI launched the FORMLINER magazine as a medium for architects in 2015. The Essen-based communications agency ONEWORX is responsible for the design and implementation of the magazine.

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