Formliner #1

Case studies shed light on the unusual genesis of the unique façade of the Landesmuseum Bregenz and tell how the passion for architectural drawings found expression in Berlin, even on the outer skin of a building. Further case studies report on unusual façades in Spain and Canada. Reports take the reader behind the scenes at RECKLI – from the workshop to technical advice.

Formliner #2

The cover story looks into one of the foremost concert halls in Europe. With two main focuses, the issue is dedicated to trends in digital building and urban planning issues in Berlin. Representatives from the industry talk about the importance of BIM and a report accompanies the reconstruction of the historic façade of the Berlin City Palace. A case study sheds light on how art and architecture are blended on the façade of the 2 Girls Building in Melbourne. Various sections report on developments at RECKLI.

Formliner #3

Three articles on the cover story are devoted to the extension of the Bündner Museum in Chur: From a case study to a special view of the façade and an interview with the architect, Alberto Veiga. Reports show how Mannheim is reinventing itself in terms of urban development and how World War II bunkers are getting a facelift as residential buildings. In an essay, architect Oskar Grabczewscy reflects on the role of aesthetics in architecture. Several sections deal with the 50th anniversary of RECKLI.