Exceptional ideas for everyday use

Exceptional frontal work on buildings is not the only place to see examples of RECKLI’s variety of products. The specialist for architectural concrete leaves its mark everywhere in public space, even on the ground.

The ordinary life outside of their own four walls are a major challenge for blind men and women. For orientation they use their tactile and auditory senses, but, especially in inner city traffic, auxiliary devices are necessary to provide additional security. That is why so called tactile surface guidelines were installed with a safety margin next to the railway lines in order to help blind people find their way through the station. These tactile surface guidelines are made out of special floor plates with regularly arranged round ridges. The moulds are manufactured by RECKLI as well as the models for curbsides, non-slip textures and floor plates.

The WetCast-system makes use of polyurethane which is extremely tear-resistant. It guarantees a high degree of elasticity and simplifies the process of removing the concrete parts from the formwork. Furthermore, the models are abrasion-resistant and do not deform even after being used frequently. Due to their high quality the WetCast-moulds are extremely durable. Even with all those special characteristics the creative freedom is still ensured and individual designs are entirely feasible.

The application of the WetCast-moulds makes it possible to perpetuate logos, pictograms, graphic characters and even photographs in the concrete. The specialists of the internal model-building department manage to realize almost every customer request by combining handcraft with modern technique when manufacturing the individual moulds. Additionally, RECKLI offers release agents as well as impregnations for the use and maintenance of the moulds.